you & i meet here,
at this site,
where neither of us really are

but this is how
i show you my work—
a type of work termed art

the art, you'll find below
me, you'll find on pueblo land (new mexico),1
working on an mfa

1or here: @_a_anderson

every land i live with or work with
is the land of indigenous people;
i am always a guest

every work below is a question;
i'm still working on answers


wood placed every hour to
chart the sun's course

Equinox by Alisha Anderson

forgive me for the delay

'the moment
a boundary is
is given'

branches placed according to call of birds


woven willow

Backlit by Alisha Anderson


project about the great salt lake

what is a seed but sunlight sent into the future?

seeds placed according
to previous night's star chart

Starfield ii by Alisha Anderson


project from bears ears artist residency,
sponsored by utah diné bikéyah

beset with

prairie wildfire flowers placed in dead
(-->by beetle -->by a changing climate)
lodgepole pines


there are
many things
i wish i was

paper, color-matched to map's river blue

a film made
by walking

16mm film, taken for a walk

mountains that never rest

project about the oquirrh mountains